Running Mac-developed stacks on a PC

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Sun Nov 9 06:57:17 EST 2008

Hi from Paris,

I am in the process of delivering standalone stacks developed
on my Mac, to my family (some French, some English)........
(why do they all use PC's - when life begins with a Mac ?).
I have multicard stacks with many text objects (some in French).
When I run the stacks on the PC, all of the accents turn my
text into gibberish.
I have three possible solutions ...... :
1 - remove all accents from my text objects. What is the
quickest way ? (but then I get hassle from my French family)
2 Convert all my text data to PC (ISO) - Mark Schonewille
suggests using MactoISO.
3 - Create 2 .txt files, one for Mac execution, and one for PC
execution. In my Export/Import scripts, I decide which to use.

However, as I'm in standalone mode, I load my (empty) stack
from a .txt file, and store the updated .txt file on exit.
I use Record and Item delimiters numtochar(184) and numtochar(189)
in my .txt file, as these characters never occur in my stack data.
How do I convert all Mac text (with accents) to PC format, without
touching these delimiters.

This is more a call to our French friends who may have had this
problem, rather than a search for efficient coding. But, I will
take all helpful answers.


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