Hi, I'm new and i need help

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at cox.net
Sat Nov 8 23:19:52 EST 2008

Hi Leonel, and welcome to the list. It's pretty slow tonight or  
someone else would have responded much sooner than this.

Have you already purchased a license? I assume not or you probably  
wouldn't be asking the question you did.

If you can afford the Enterprise fee, please do that. It gives you  
pretty much total flexibility as to platform for programming and   

With Studio you'll be limited to the platform for which you subscribe  
in terms of programming, but will be able to run you programs on all  

With Media you will be very limited. If you really need to know the  
specifics, visit the Revolution website: <www.RunRev.com>

You should find all your questions answered there.

Good luck,

Joe Wilkins

On Nov 8, 2008, at 6:07 PM, Leonel Flor�n Selles wrote:

> Hi, As you can see I'm new on this list.
> and my first question is
> What is the deference between RunTime Revolution
> Enterprice
> Studio
> Media.
> Well, I'm happy to be here and thanks.
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