Legacy Standalone UPDATE

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at cox.net
Fri Nov 7 17:18:36 EST 2008

FYI, regarding a working Legacy Standalone:

Thanks to your guidance Richmond, I finally have a working Standalone.  
Still having problems getting it to play the music, but I'm sure  
that's my problem of some sort; HOWEVER, this app reads text, and in  
most places does a good job of it, but on one card where the font of  
one field was changed to Chicago, some of the text is read as if the  
letters have spaces between them; and they don't.

Really strange. Thanks to everyone for their help. Project is complete  
and ready to ship once I iron out a few irregularities.

One thought: now that I have an app of my own running on a large  
monitor, I appreciate the menus being at the top of the window as they  
are in the Window's version. I'm beginning to think that's the way  
they should be done on Mac apps as well.

Joe Wilkins

On Nov 7, 2008, at 11:42 AM, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> "I've created a Legacy Standalone, but it will not open."
> First of all; what do you mean by a 'Legacy Standalone' ?
> Do you mean:
> 1. A standalone made to run on an out-dated OS (such as Mac Classic) ?
> 2. Something quite different ?
> "The rev stack was saved as a Legacy Stack"
> If that was so, what did you build the standalone with?
> I, personally, build a lot of stacks for Mac OS 9 with Runtime  
> Revolution 2.0.1; they work delightfully well.
> I pump my stacks onto a dedicated Mac OS 9 machine via my domestic  
> intranet (i.e. a few cables on a switch), then open them in RR  
> 2.0.1, play around with them to see that they behave themselves  
> [always remembering that fancy features introduced since 2.0.1  
> aren't going to show], and run off Mac OS 8/9 standalones.
> I also produce a lot for Ubuntu Linux; and my rule (after some  
> fairly revolting foul-ups) is never to build a standalone for one  
> platform on another platform. Having said that, on the few occasions  
> I have built something for a client who uses Microsoft Windows I  
> have resorted to using Connectix Virtual PC on my G4.
> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

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