no such object in step by step debugger

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Nov 7 15:31:20 EST 2008

Jacques Hausser wrote:

> I have a stack's custom property called CurrentField, containing the 
> short name of a field. In the stack script I have something like:
> put the currentField of me into theField
> put word 2 of theField into numvar
> -- here some stuff with numvar
> put field theField into thevar
> -- here some stuff with the content of the field (thevar)
> Well. If I put a breakpoint on the last line of this script, everything 
> is OK, numvar and thevar both contain what I want. BUT if I put my 
> breakpoint on the first line, and progress step by step, I get an error 
> "chunk: no such object" at the "put field theField" line.

I just ran your script and it worked fine, even with a breakpoint at 
line 1. (I think the syntax is okay, Revolution supports the old 
HyperCard syntax.) Since the handler runs okay for you when you don't 
set any breakpoint, or when you set one at a different line, it could be 
a debugger issue.

There is a known problem with the new debugger where in some cases the 
debugger will refuse to step through any lines after the breakpoint, the 
handler will just run straight through to the end. The only work-around 
for now is to set the breakpoint somewhere else (just as you did.) Your 
example doesn't look quite the same, but it is similar enough that it 
would be worth reporting in the QCC.

But before you do that, try running your example just as you have 
written it here. If that works, then there may be a scripting problem in 
the lines you omitted, something that changes the value of theField. I 
couldn't reproduce your results using only the lines you posted here.

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