[ANN] GLX Application Framework

Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Mon Mar 31 12:19:09 EDT 2008

This looks really impressive - thanks, Trevor!


On 31 Mar 2008, at 14:38, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> Hey,
> Today I'm announcing the GLX Application Framework. The GLX  
> Application Framework provides a foundation of common building  
> blocks for building applications in Revolution (2.8.1 and above) on  
> OS X (10.3 and above) and Windows (2000, XP and Vista). The  
> framework takes care of common tasks such as splash stacks, loading  
> stacks and externals at launch, working with user preferences, auto  
> updating and more. This leaves you free to focus on coding the  
> features specific to your application and not reinventing the wheel  
> each time you start a new project.
> The framework is free to use in your personal or commercial projects.
> -- Tutorials --
> I have started to create tutorials to help people get started. If  
> there is anything that isn't clear or additional questions you have  
> you can submit comments at the end of a lesson. The tutorials are  
> available here:
> <http://glxapp.screenstepslive.com/>
> -- Download --
> If the framework still seems interesting after looking at the  
> tutorials you can download the framework files here:
> <http://www.bluemangolearning.com/developer/revolution/ 
> glxapp_framework/glx_application_framework.zip>
> -- Additional Info --
> When I first started using Revolution I wished that there was a  
> quick way of getting an application and all of the standard  
> application features up and running when I started a new project.  
> At my company this framework has slowly evolved with each new  
> project and was built with that goal in mind. By making this  
> framework available to the community I hope that others will find  
> it useful as well and contribute improvements where they can.
> The framework does not currently have Linux support because we do  
> not create applications for Linux. Someone is welcome to add  
> support for this. Contact me if you are interested and we can  
> discuss what would need to be done.
> There are still some parts of the framework that are not documented  
> yet (i.e. the undo manager and the innards of the auto update  
> mechanism) so if you are poking around in the scripts and come  
> across something that isn't answered anywhere then send an email.  
> There are probably some parts that don't work exactly how one might  
> want. If you come across something that fits into this category  
> please mention it, or better yet, improve it and submit the change.
> -- Special Thanks --
> Thanks to Daniels & Mara for the use of the GLX name. I think it is  
> much cooler than anything else I could think of. Jerry has created  
> tools that help Revolution developers be far more productive and  
> hopefully this framework will help do the same. GLX2 is the must- 
> have script editor for Revolution developers and is available at  
> http://daniels-mara.com/glx2/.
> If you have questions, suggestions or would like to contribute a  
> modification to the framework please send an email to glxapp at  
> bluemangolearning dot com.
> Have fun!
> -- 
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> Blue Mango Learning Systems
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