[ANN] GLX Application Framework

Trevor DeVore lists at mangomultimedia.com
Mon Mar 31 09:38:02 EDT 2008


Today I'm announcing the GLX Application Framework. The GLX  
Application Framework provides a foundation of common building blocks  
for building applications in Revolution (2.8.1 and above) on OS X  
(10.3 and above) and Windows (2000, XP and Vista). The framework takes  
care of common tasks such as splash stacks, loading stacks and  
externals at launch, working with user preferences, auto updating and  
more. This leaves you free to focus on coding the features specific to  
your application and not reinventing the wheel each time you start a  
new project.

The framework is free to use in your personal or commercial projects.

-- Tutorials --
I have started to create tutorials to help people get started. If  
there is anything that isn't clear or additional questions you have  
you can submit comments at the end of a lesson. The tutorials are  
available here:

-- Download --
If the framework still seems interesting after looking at the  
tutorials you can download the framework files here:

-- Additional Info --
When I first started using Revolution I wished that there was a quick  
way of getting an application and all of the standard application  
features up and running when I started a new project. At my company  
this framework has slowly evolved with each new project and was built  
with that goal in mind. By making this framework available to the  
community I hope that others will find it useful as well and  
contribute improvements where they can.

The framework does not currently have Linux support because we do not  
create applications for Linux. Someone is welcome to add support for  
this. Contact me if you are interested and we can discuss what would  
need to be done.

There are still some parts of the framework that are not documented  
yet (i.e. the undo manager and the innards of the auto update  
mechanism) so if you are poking around in the scripts and come across  
something that isn't answered anywhere then send an email. There are  
probably some parts that don't work exactly how one might want. If you  
come across something that fits into this category please mention it,  
or better yet, improve it and submit the change.

-- Special Thanks --
Thanks to Daniels & Mara for the use of the GLX name. I think it is  
much cooler than anything else I could think of. Jerry has created  
tools that help Revolution developers be far more productive and  
hopefully this framework will help do the same. GLX2 is the must-have  
script editor for Revolution developers and is available at http://daniels-mara.com/glx2/ 

If you have questions, suggestions or would like to contribute a  
modification to the framework please send an email to glxapp at  
bluemangolearning dot com.

Have fun!

Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Learning Systems
www.bluemangolearning.com    -    www.screensteps.com

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