question about default folders and shell (linux)

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Mon Mar 31 04:13:29 EDT 2008

Hi Peter,

What about:
set the itemDel to slash
set the defaultFolder to (item 1 to -2 of the filename of <myApp> &  
slash & "tmp")

Le 31 mars 08 à 09:41, Peter Alcibiades a écrit :
> Problem:  how to make sure that the default folder is set to the  
> folder the
> app is in, and that this is also the one where shell("")  
> will be
> exectuted?  Otherwise, I've encountered the problem where, when the  
> shell is
> called, its in /home/user, and cannot find the shell script, which is
> in /home/user/app along with all the other app files.
> Is this a reasonable way to go about it?  Say in the open stack  
> script?
> 	get the specialFolderPath of ("Home")
> 	put it & "/tmp" into tfilepath
> 	set the defaultFolder to tfilepath
> It seems to work from the message box - the default is indeed set  
> to tmp, as
> an example.  Is this the approved method?
> I don't want to hard code it in case they move the app from one  
> machine to
> another with a different setup.  This way they do have to have the  
> app folder
> in /home, but that is reasonably understandable.
> Peter

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