Windows shell commands

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Mar 30 19:18:21 EDT 2008


Some time ago, I had a similar problem on WinXP. I didn't look into  
it any further, but if I remember correctly, I wanted to use chkdsk  
while hiding the consoles. I reported it as a bug and got as a reply  
that chkdsk is an interactive command and therefore shows a console  
even if the hideconsolewindows is set to true.

I am not sure that I can agree with that reply, but perhaps Lame is  
also an interactive command, e.g. a built-in feature that allows the  
user to cancel the process? I'm _only_guessing_ here, but it is a  




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Op 31-mrt-2008, om 0:56 heeft Mark Smith het volgende geschreven:
> Mark, it's Windows XP under VMWare Fusion on Mac OS X, a standalone  
> built with 2.9 rc-4, and the command is "LAME" - the mp3 encoder.
> So I'm building the command string in a variable <tLameStr>, which  
> will be like:
> <path to lame> -v --nohist --brief <path to input file> <path to  
> output file>
>  and then
> set the hideconsolewindows to true
> get shell(tLameStr)
> It's working, but the console pops up immediately, and then closes  
> again when the command completes.
> Thanks,
> Mark

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