Somewhat [OT] : cgi, XML and Excel files

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Sun Mar 30 12:17:04 EDT 2008

There's two XML formats by Microsoft. one was introduced in Office  
2003, the other in 2007. Both are... sub optimal for third party  
implementation, and I don't know if 2007 supports the format  
introduced in 2003.

Maybe some day Microsoft will stop to be the one and all Office  
software owner, similar to what is currently happening with the  
browser market. Until then, I suggest you save the file in the older  
non-xml binary format, whenever possible. As far as I know, the 2003  
format is very similar to the older binary one anyway, and 2003 can't  
read the 2007 files (there's an add on ppl can install though).

have fun

On 30 Mar 2008, at 16:31, jbv wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've just finished a Rev cgi script that outputs sophisticated
> Excel files (with layout, styles and stuff) using the MS XML
> format.
> On my Mac and my PC everything works fine, but I'm using
> openOffice instead of excel.
> I've asked a few potential users to test it, and some of them
> meet various problems, like the XML code being opened in
> Word instead of excel, or excel displaying just crap...
> As often, I don't have access to all kinds of potential users,
> as they are spread all over the country, only through a few
> managers who don't know a bit about technology and have
> no idea what versions of excel and windoze end users may
> have on their laptops...
> So here's my question : does anyone have a clear idea of
> which versions of excel support that MS XML format ?
> The various infos I grabbed on the web aren't clear : it looks
> like XML became available with Excel 2003, but is it ONLY
> Excel 2003 or any version SINCE Excel 2003 ?
> Any additional info will be apreciated too...
> Thanks for your help.
> Don't hesitate to reply off-list if you think this is OT...
> Best,
> JB
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