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Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Sat Mar 29 22:12:18 EDT 2008

I agree that the Office products are so widely used that this tab-loss
feature should be fixed.  So far I have only designed such tools for my self
and usually use AppleScript (and older versions of Rev) so I am glad you are
exploring the issue.


Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 3/29/08 4:35 PM, "Bryan McCormick" <bryan at> wrote:

> To clarify, yes, the problem in copying any range of rows and columns
> from Excel and then trying to paste them into a field is that tabs are
> not preserved. I am trying to paste from Excel, to Rev. It works fine
> pasting from Rev to Excel. This is on Windows. I was keeping my fingers
> crossed this would be rectified in 2.9.
> To clarify by example, what you end up with in pasting from Excel to Rev
> is no separation character of any kind, so you simply get a run of text
> concatenated together.
> --------- Example
> For example a spreadsheet with the following (tabs to show columns)
> Hot Blue Red Almond
> ...results in this when pasted into a Rev field:
> hotblueredalmond
> If one pastes into NotedPad first and then into Rev, the proper
> formatting returns.
> -----------
> Checking the clipboard to do something simple like replace tab with
> (pick a delimiter) does not work. I thought of that as well Jim, but no
> go, the tabs just do not appear to be there.
> Perhaps it is a flaw with the internal clipboard of Excel. However
> Notepad seems to be able to handle it fine as does pretty much any other
>   text editor on Windows.
> I'm not sure this would be a bug per se as long as this is not really
> Rev's problem. It is however really annoying, perhaps it becomes a
> feature request?
> I would think this would potentially impact any developer trying to come
> up with a solution that interfaces with Office products.
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