2.9 - Pasting from Excel

Bryan McCormick bryan at deepfoo.com
Sat Mar 29 21:32:48 EDT 2008


It is also important to note that LF or CR is not preserved either. If 
for example you copy a run of cells from Excel in a column (multiple 
rows), they will also run together when pasted into a rev field.

This has been the behavior forever in MC and Rev as far as I know, so 
technically I don't think it is a bug as much as an unexpected feature 


Returns indicate rows:


Pasted into Rev yields



I did notice one major problem was fixed in 2.9:

In pre 2.9 when pasting from Excel with a number formatted with comma 
separators for the thousands produced odd results. You would only get 
the comma followed by the hundreds, tens and ones. Also you would get a 
style (color) showing up where there was not one:



Pasted into Rev pre 2.9 used to get:

,000 - and the text appears in red even though no style was applied in 

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