2.9 - Pasting from Excel

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Sat Mar 29 19:35:59 EDT 2008


> Excel has an internal clipboard, and the answer may be to copy, paste 
> values
> into a blank/new worksheet, then copy that result so that the clipboard
> format is as consistent with text only as possible (no formulas, 
> conditional
> formatting, etc) and then see if tabs are removed.

It can't be *that* private.

The OP's concern was that tabs are -removed- when pasting into Rev. I was 
able to paste from Excel into several other programs with tabs preserved.

Of course it worked well pasting into Office programs. But it worked in all 
other, non-Microsoft applications I tried, too. In fact, I was surprised to 
see that when pasting into Xara Xtreme (a program which actually asks you 
what aspect of the clipboard you want to paste), I saw options for enhanced 
metafile, bitmap, unformatted text, and rich text. Tabs were preserved.

In Rev, "put the keys of the clipboardData" shows "styles, rtf, unicode, 
text" and none of those formats has any tabs within.

I decided to file a report myself on this. #6269


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