Pasting from Excel

Bryan McCormick bryan at
Sat Mar 29 19:35:56 EDT 2008

To clarify, yes, the problem in copying any range of rows and columns 
from Excel and then trying to paste them into a field is that tabs are 
not preserved. I am trying to paste from Excel, to Rev. It works fine 
pasting from Rev to Excel. This is on Windows. I was keeping my fingers 
crossed this would be rectified in 2.9.

To clarify by example, what you end up with in pasting from Excel to Rev 
is no separation character of any kind, so you simply get a run of text 
concatenated together.

--------- Example

For example a spreadsheet with the following (tabs to show columns)

Hot	Blue	Red	Almond

...results in this when pasted into a Rev field:


If one pastes into NotedPad first and then into Rev, the proper 
formatting returns.


Checking the clipboard to do something simple like replace tab with 
(pick a delimiter) does not work. I thought of that as well Jim, but no 
go, the tabs just do not appear to be there.

Perhaps it is a flaw with the internal clipboard of Excel. However 
Notepad seems to be able to handle it fine as does pretty much any other 
  text editor on Windows.

I'm not sure this would be a bug per se as long as this is not really 
Rev's problem. It is however really annoying, perhaps it becomes a 
feature request?

I would think this would potentially impact any developer trying to come 
up with a solution that interfaces with Office products.

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