2.9 - Pasting from Excel

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Sat Mar 29 14:23:49 EDT 2008


Please file this as a report in RQCC. Clipboard processing was redone for 
2.9, and this would have been an ideal time to address this. Unfortunately, 
I highly doubt there will be time to do anything about it before release, 
but you never know.

> This is likely to seem ridiculously simple. I use Excel a lot during the 
> course of the day. Sometimes I need to cut and paste data from multiple 
> rows and columns on an ad hoc basis and take it into Rev.
> In prior versions of Rev the result was text not separated by tabs as you 
> would expect and as you get if you paste into Notepad for example.
> In fact for years that has been my workaround. Copy from Excel, paste into 
> Notepad, then paste into Rev.
> I had thought 2.9 might preserve the tabs but it does not. Am I missing 
> something or is this the standard (and expected, and thus S.O.L) behavior?
> Is there anything anyone can think of that could make this otherwise 
> simple task, well, simple? 

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