end of update process

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Sat Mar 29 13:52:04 EDT 2008

Hi Colin,

An optional relaunch button would be fine for me, as long as it is  
accompanied with an "I'll do it Myself Later" button. You could post  
a request for such a feature in the QCC.




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Op 29-mrt-2008, om 18:22 heeft Colin Holgate het volgende geschreven:
> I'm not suggesting it would force restart, it would only restart if  
> there were no stacks open, or if there were stacks open and you  
> clicked the "Relaunch Now" button instead of the "Cancel" or "I'll  
> do it Myself Later" button. Presumably you do relaunch Rev after  
> there has been an update, don't you? Otherwise why bother checking  
> for the update.

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