Keeping a clean XP machine

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sat Mar 29 03:36:57 EDT 2008


I use WinXP everyday on 3 different computers, plus my daughter has one as
does my wife. I've installed the free AVG and have can't remember the last
time I had a virus, or my daughter, or my wife.

The last time I had any major problems was when a RevDeleteFolder command
got passed an empty var and it started trashing my entire C drive...OUCH!
Ctrl-period couldn't stop it. Finally, I just pulled the plug on the
machine, went outside and yelled a bit at the stars ;-)

Our family pretty much knows not to download any .exe's and for the most
part GMail identifies any problematic emails for us. To me, it seems a bit
paranoid to go through what you do. Especially if you understand the basics
of how not to get in trouble browsing on the internet (don't download
anything you're absolutely not sure of).

best, Chipp

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