[OT] Eee PC - got one?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Mar 28 13:21:04 EDT 2008

Andre Garzia wrote:
> The resolution is too small, some applications will open bigger than
> the screen so you´ll need to ALT+Drag them so you can use the app.
> Revolution works fine but complains about the resolution, we need some
> 7'' plugins to make Rev UI more usable.

When I saw the Eee PC, the first thought that ran through my Rev-centric 
brain was: "We need to make a version of the MC IDE optimized for this 
resolution."  :)

But even as surprisingly strong as sales have been with the current 
model (300,000 units sold in just over one quarter), sales in 2008 are 
expected to be in the millions, and I suspect the bigger seller will be 
the upcoming 1024x600 model:


1024 is a good standard width to design for, and 600 is a fair minimum 
given the many years we had a dominant screen size of 800x600.  Most 
software can accommodate 600px height gracefully, so the range of apps 
that'll look great on the next-gen Eee PC is orders of magnitude beyond 
what can be gracefully used on current models.

And it means we won't need to write a new IDE to do Rev work on this 
ultra-portable wonder. :)

ASUS expects to become the world's fifth-largest computer maker by the 
end of 2009.  If current sales are any indicator, I'd say they're well 
on their way.

It's kinda funny, but after all these years of wondering when Linux 
would get its big break on the desktop, the desktop is becoming 
irrelevant - today it's all about the laptop.

> So far I am very impressed with the machine

That seems to be the consensus from everyone who's tried one for more 
than a day.  This article at ArsTechnica has their characteristic depth 
and technical focus:

This fella at Laptop Magazine swapped his MacBook for the Eee PC for 
five days, and while there were things about his Mac he missed he hated 
giving up the lil' Eee at the end of his test period:

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