Disappearing Documentation

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Fri Mar 28 09:43:27 EDT 2008

Some observations:

1) Is the PDF not visible/not launching, or is the big blue window that 
says, "Click to launch PDF" not showing? Perhaps the palette for the docs is 

2) Never use a beta product to supply a distribution to a customer. Beta 
software is not for redistribution, and the engine will expire on them. (In 
the case of RC's on April 15).

3) The User Guide is always available in the Rev program folder, you don't 
have to hunt for it online.

If your problem is that you see the blue "Click here" screen but it just 
doesn't open, make sure your file associations are set properly.

Hope this helps,


"Len Morgan" <len-morgan at crcom.net> wrote in 
message news:47ECDE69.8090106 at crcom.net...
> Klaus Major wrote:
>> Hi Len,
>>> Thanks Klaus, I managed to find it after a good night's sleep.  Do you 
>>> have any idea why it would not load in the IDE?  I can double click any 
>>> PDF on my desktop and it opens correctly.  Does the Adobe Reader (and 
>>> ONLY the Adobe one) have to be in a certain place for this to work?
>> No idea, sorry.
>> Rev simply fires a "launch document path_2_that_pdf", so it passes the 
>> responsibility over to the OS :-)
> Well I guess I just have an irresponsible OS :-)  Or perhaps since <I> 
> selected the OS, I am the one that is irresponsible!
> len morgan
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