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> Here are a few more questions about a table field;

Generally I'll advise against using the rev made table field. It's  
easily confused, and will cause you lots of headaches. It's very  
simple to get basic cell editing going by yourself, and there's  
example stacks abound. Because of that, the hints below are not table  
field specific, but apply to all fields.

> 1.  If you click on a line you can get the number of line clicked.
> Question:  can you get the item(cell) clicked?


you'll need to do some calculations to get items from that though.

> 2.  If you enter text in line 4 item 2 and then leave the item by
> going to another line, item or leave the field can you detect
> which line and item you last altered.

You can, rev can't. Just store the information you need in a  

> 2.  How do you resize a column?
> Is it possible for the user to click on the column divider and  
> resize it?
> Can you resize a column by script?

can be done by using the tabstops property


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