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Wed Mar 26 19:13:35 EDT 2008

Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> Actually, I did upload the linux engine but I can't seem to run any 
> cgi's using it.
> Only the .mt file produces results.
> Tom

I know this is obvious, but it sounds like you need to find out what's 
"right" about the .mt file, and apply it to the other script files.

Some places to start:

- file permissions - apparently those of are correct; are 
permissions of other files identical to these?

- Rev engine path, stated in first line of script - make line 1 of all 
scripts like line 1 of

- I remember once having scripts disallowed from running (by Apache?) 
because their filenames didn't end with ".cgi"; maybe yours have to end 
with ".mt"?

- if you get "internal error" messages from the others, they may contain 
script code errors.

That's about it for my bag of tricks, Tom. Hopefully someone more 
cgi-competent than myself can pick this up if the above items don't 
solve your problems.


> On Mar 26, 2008, at 5:43 PM, Phil Davis wrote:
>> Hi Tom,
>> If you got the following back from your uploaded script without 
>> uploading a Rev engine, then it looks like your script is working as 
>> is and apparently your web host has taken care of the Rev engine 
>> part. That's my take.
>> Phil Davis
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