Exporting Images of Buttons ?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Mar 26 18:35:52 EDT 2008

Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Its a classic example of the difference.  Someone wants to know how you
> order dinner in Spanish.  You could hand him a dictionary, and he would
> maybe eventually figure it out.  Or you could hand him "See it and say it
> in Spanish".  
> We have a great dictionary.  What we are missing is the book of how
> to put the words together for various purposes, like ordering dinner.

When a dictionary is written with the mandate of including at least one 
complete end-to-end example for every token, it can be quite a useful tool.

While that was the mandate when Jeanne DeVoto first wrote the Rev 
dictionary, in subsequent versions results had been more mixed.

The entry for "export snapshot" was updated for the version of Rev which 
has the fancy new syntax which obviates any need to use the Window's 
pixhandle, but unfortunately the example given was wrong.

I reported this, and it has apparently been addressed early in the v2.9 
cycle, as the docs now include this as one of its four examples for that 

   export snapshot from Field 1 to file "File1.png" as PNG

There's certainly much benefit from having topic-driven tutorials, and 
many thanks to Eric for augmenting the ones included in the product with 
his excellent offerings.  The "online conferences" also contain a 
heckuva lotta useful info, relatively unexplored because folks see the 
name and think they're something other than the wonderful topic-driven 
collection of goodies they are:

Maybe in the future RunRev might label them "Tutorial Conferences".  By 
any name, they're useful.

But even just the dictionary alone is a great learning tool, esp. if one 
takes the time to follow the 'See Also' entries.

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