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Devin Asay devin_asay at
Wed Mar 26 11:01:43 EDT 2008

On Mar 25, 2008, at 9:28 PM, Bill Vlahos wrote:
> I have a combo box button in a series of fields. The user can tab  
> into the field part of the combo box button and type what they want  
> or they can mouse click the arrow part of the button and get the  
> list of items to pick from. Usually the user will pick from the  
> list but this gives the option to enter something not in the list.
> Is it possible to allow the user to only use the keyboard for this?  
> For example, once the user tabs (or clicks) in the field part of  
> the button could they press a key (such as Enter), then navigate  
> the items with the arrow keys and then tab out?
> An even better solution would be as the user types in the field  
> part of the button it autofills if there is a choice that matches.  
> I've seen some web browsers do this for popup fields and it is  
> pretty convenient.
> This way they wouldn't have to take their fingers off the keyboard  
> but still get the option to pick from the list.
> I don't see anywhere in the docs that describe something like this.


A few months ago I did something very similar to what you're  
describing. I discovered that the combo box object was too clunky and  
limiting for what I wanted to do so I created my own solution using a  
field and a popup menu. You can download a sample stack called Type  
Ahead Search from Rev Online under my user name, 'devin'.



Devin Asay
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