Visual effect issue with a tab panel button

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Wed Mar 26 10:24:14 EDT 2008


I tried the recipe you describe and I find the same thing.

Something must be locking the screen always because I also tried  
entering the unlock screen in the message box and then trying the tabs  
with visual effects. No good.

I only see two front scripts from GLX2 and I could not see any lock  
screens in them.

This has to be in the engine changes.


On Mar 26, 2008, at 6:29 AM, Andre.Bisseret wrote:

> But, this morning, I made a new stack, a very simple one :
> 3 cards (named Tab 1, Tab 2 and Tab 3)
> On each of them, a tab panel button with 3 tabs : Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab  
> 3. The tab panel is grouped with "behave like a background" set to  
> true.
> The only script in the stack is the following  tab panel script:
> on menuPick tNew
> unlock screen
> visual effect scroll up fast
> go cd tNew
> end menuPick
> If the first line is "unlock screen" (as above) then I get the  
> expected visual effect
> if I inactivate this first line (-- unlock screen) then the visual  
> effect does not occur.
> So it would seem that at first (when opening the stack ?) the screen  
> would be locked ? (could be only when a tab panel is there ??)
> I am really confused
> It's very amazing is"nt it ?
> I would be very interested by any explanation

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