Visual effect issue with a tab panel button

Andre.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Tue Mar 25 16:18:07 EDT 2008

Thank you very much Jerry and Éric for your answers.

Jerry, no I have not any other lock screen around.

The process is very simple ; in my case, the tabs of the tab panel are  
named with the 12 months of the year.
And the stack contains 12 cards, each one with the name of a month.
The script (thanks to Klaus Major in his Scripting conférences" on  
"controls") is very simple

on menuPick new -- or any other variable name
if there is a cd new then go to cd new -- actually "go to cd new"  
works as well
end menuPick

So, Éric, I can't quote new ; it is not a card' name, but the variable  
receiving the name of the card when the user click on a tab
But, could be I don't understand your suggestion ?

Best regards from Grenoble

Le 25 mars 08 à 20:36, Eric Chatonet a écrit :
> Or go cd "New"
> I mean quoting the short name of the card.
> Le 25 mars 08 à 19:29, J. Landman Gay a écrit :
>> Andre.Bisseret wrote:
>>> but I just tried
>>> go to cd new with visual effect scroll up fast
>>> Does not work
>> "New" is a reserved word. Does it work if you change the variable  
>> to "tNew"?
> Best regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.
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