When is a stack "really" loaded?

Len Morgan len-morgan at crcom.net
Mon Mar 24 14:00:24 EDT 2008

Trevor DeVore wrote:
> On Mar 24, 2008, at 12:45 PM, Len Morgan wrote:
>> I'm trying to go through a list of stack files (whos' names and 
>> versions come from a text file on the update server) to see if they 
>> need to be updated.  If there is a newer version, I copy the file 
>> from the update server to the local computer.  I'm using:
>> put the cstkVersion of stack tCurrentStack into tLocalStackVersion
> After executing this line of code the stack will be in memory but not 
> opened so no messages are sent to the stack (preopStack, openStack, 
> etc.).
> Any operation that touches the stack in some way (including 'if there 
> is a stack SOME_STACK') will load the stack into memory.
> You can then remove the stack from memory by calling 'delete stack 
> Regards,
Thanks, Trevor. 

Does that mean that I have to do something else (i.e., start using or go 
stack) if I want to actually do something "to" it?  For example, one of 
the stacks is my reports stack.  I run reports from a menu choice on the 
main stack.  I don't recall having to do anything to get this stack up 
and running but that might explain a lot of problems I've had with 
preOpen stack and such.

len morgan

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