Drag and drop on linux? Does it work?

GIRARD Damien dam-pro.girard at laposte.net
Sun Mar 23 09:38:38 EDT 2008


While reading the Revolution 2.9 changelog, I thought that Runrev 2.9 on 
Linux have the Drag and Drop working not only inside the Revolution 

I tried to drag and drop a file/folder/text from another application 
(Konqueror (KDE)), and it doesn't worked. The dragData["text"] and 
dragData["files"] were empty.

So, does Runrev support the Drag and drop on Linux with other 
applications? If yes, I will report the bug, if no, this should be a 
feature that a programming language under Unix must have.
(Motif has Drag and Drop, and it is not really young!)



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