a weird crash - any suggestions?

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 23 03:47:47 EDT 2008

Can anyone shed any light on a weird crash?

There is a card with around 30 fields on it.  You can get to it two ways, 
Method A is to update the fields.  In this case the script for the button 
goes to the card and updates the fields from a text file.

Or, because this updating takes a while, Method B is you can simply go to the 
card from a different button without updating it.

When you do this in the ide everything works fine. Method A everything works 
fine.  Method B, when you do it having started either with a splash stack or 
with stackrunner, the fields are all grey except for one which has turned 
blue.  I cannot figure out where this is coming from, since they are set in 
properties to be white, they show white in the ide, and they show white when 
development tools are suspended.  The script is simply go to card.

In addition, I have a print button for this card once you get to it.  Its 
script is identical to a button on another card:  

	on mouseUp
	set the printerName to (line 1 of the availablePrinters)
	set the printPaperOrientation to "landscape"
	print card "reports" into 100,100,800,600
	end mouseUp

On the other card it works just fine and out comes the card.  On this card, 
when the colors are all peculiar, it produces an instant crash.  But if you 
go to the card from the update button, the fields are normal, and the print 
button works fine.   The splash stack was saved as standalone in dp-5 by the 
way, if that makes any difference. 

Probably something obvious, but what?  Its not the print script clearly.  It 
is some combination of the print script and the card properties.  But what?  
And why does running the update work but just going to it not work?


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