OT: News flash: Eudora users and Forking Resources

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Sat Mar 22 14:27:01 EDT 2008

I know there are a few diehard Eudora users out there on this list, 
struggling with it breaking big time under Leopard.

apparently OSX 10.5 is not updating resource forks properly anymore, 
and many Eudora clients are set up to use them for their TOC. What a 
mess. This is why the windoze users didn't have a problem with this 
aging app.  In the days of HC, I remember resource forks being the 
coolest thing - you could hide xcmds, xfcns, text, pictures, code, 
anything there, and ResCopy and ResEdit being essential tools for 
stack building.

The symptoms include subject lines in listing not matching actual 
messages, headers missing, wonky sorting, nonsense listings.

If you still want to keep using Eudora under Leopard, I'd suggest 
clicking the checkbox in settings that says "Use Old Style ".TOC" 
files.".  It keeps the files neat and tidy, but I remember a long 
time ago at the introduction of OSX that resource files would be not 
supported in the future. Yet it was a default to use resource forks 
for TOC with new versions of Eudora for OSX.

I wish I had known this before upgrading to Leopard. Some messages 
appear unrecoverable.

I'm about to check the resource fork functions in rev...(yes they're 
still there)
I assume they're there for legacy reasons.


stephen barncard
s a n  f r a n c i s c o
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