GLX2 new feature when working with SQLite databases and database query builder

william humphrey shoreagent at
Sat Mar 22 11:26:52 EDT 2008

I just changed the subject
I just updated to GLX 2.1b40 and it did something (automatically) that I
realize now is very cool but which caused me some consternation.  It made a
GLX2 Work Spaces folder in the "My Revolution Studio" folder and put an
empty copy of my SQLite database there. This caused all kinds of problems
since it was an empty copy (maybe it should have notified me with an error
message). I had to figure this out and move the database from the location
where it had been before (and a not very good location but the only place I
could get it to work in the past -- inside the application folder for
Now all my calls using RunRev's built in Database query manager work fine
but none of my manual calls which require registering SQLite with a file
path that I have been using but not really liking like so:

  put "/Applications/Revolution_Studio/2.8.1-gm-3/shipping.sqlite" into

I'd much rather the file path to SQLite was automatic to a nice folder like
GLX2 just did for me. So I'm writing this to warn other users of GLX2 about
this new feature and I'm hoping someone that knows this stuff will tell me a
better way to say

put "/Users/administrator/Documents/My\ Revolution\ Studio/Plugins/GLX2\
Work\ Spaces/shipping.sqlite" into tDBA["FilePath"]

for the SQLite stuff I'm doing without using RunRev's built in Database
Query Builder. Ideally there would just be a call to whatever GLX2 figured

Thanks and I think GLX2 is great and if I had more time to spend programming
and less time urgently needing to use the program I wrote (badly and
unfinished) I'm sure I would like it even more.

and thanks as always for helping   -- Bill

PS -  and I wish I could go to the RunRev conference and sit in on Trevor's

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