Revolution - A FIT Client

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Fri Mar 21 17:32:55 EDT 2008

Dear fellow revolutionaries,

I am currently working with a company that produces Web 2.0 Widgets. I  
have produced a few prototypes showing web gadgets in a Revolution  
application for the desktop but have had a hard time explaining why  
Revolution has not adopted a 'stack in browser' web component. I know,  
I know, I've heard all of the arguments for and against this.

The thing is with the advent of Google Gears and with Adobe Air I feel  
the only thing Rev is missing to have beaten these companies to the  
front of the line is that we don't have the web component. I can  
already write a gadget in JS on the web and display it on the Mac and  
Win desktop by writing another application with Rev. But, Google and  
Air allow you to build the JS on the web and then display it on the  
Mac and Win Desktop using the same code where as using Rev I have to  
write two different sets of code.

This just seems like a missed opportunity to me. I am studying JS for  
use in Air and Google widget development and in this instance Rev is  
taking a back seat in my development cycle. That just doesn't seem  
right to me. I want to use my favorite program to do the whole thing.  
I think the old arguments are no longer valid or at least becoming  
less valid.

Thoughts on this?

Plus I need a 'better' argument to give to this new client of mine  
that just wants to write the code once and reuse it everywhere  
(including mobile which Google Gears is now allowing for, Silverlight  
MS is also allowing this, and I think Adobe Air will too.)

I have a need for forward thinking concepts that will carry me into  
the future with these type of companies/clients. But I would rather  
not have to learn a whole new language to do it in, and besides  
Revolution is the best language I have ever used. Why can't I use it  
in these other areas too.

This is not a demand or even a complaint, really, it is however a  
desire and a hope to have the tools I'm using now meet with my desire  
to progress into the future of application usage.

Tom McGrath

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