How to indicate window needs saving

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 20 14:37:51 EDT 2008

Mark Wieder wrote:

>> The Mac allows visual feedback to the user that a window needs to be 
>> saved by changing the red (left most) icon with a dark dot in it. I  don't 
>> know if Windows or Linux do the same thing.
>> How do I give this indication to the user? Is there a property in Rev  to 
>> do this?
> I've been known to change a field border color to red as an indicator...

In the olden days some Mac apps used an asterisk after the window's 
title to indicate unsaved changes.  I've been doing the same here, and 
have had no complaints (though I sure wouldn't mind a fully HIG-savvy 
way to do this).

BTW: What does the Win HIG recommend for indicating unsaved changes?

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