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In just starting up a new stack, dragging any object over from the  
tool's palette, normally I would expect that I can option/drag an  
object to create another one just like it; and that works, but I would  
also expect that I could option/shift/drag an object and create  
another one just like it and in alignment with the original - either  
vertically or horizontally, depending on how I drag it. Constrained I  
believe is the word. This DOESN'T WORK.

Also, if you drag a default button over to the stack/card or whatever,  
you should not be able to drag another one to that same stack/card; or  
even option drag it to create another one.

There must be a reason from Rev having done this, but I can't imagine  
what it is. Please excuse my ignorance. This topic must have been  
discused many times in the past. Just wondering. This constraint  
feature was one of my favorites in HC.


Joe Wilkins

On Mar 20, 2008, at 8:24 AM, Phil Davis wrote:

> Hi Richmond,
> I don't know what Linux and your personal UI conventions call for,  
> but if adding a Quit button messes things up then why not manage  
> quitting with a closeStack or closeStackRequest handler? It could  
> check to see if the stack being closed is the last one standing; if  
> it is, quit; otherwise, pass the message.
> That's one approach. At least your options are not limited to "Quit  
> button or no Quit button".
> Phil Davis
> Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>> And, being a fairly Mac-centric kind of fellow I did
>> not build a QUIT button into my ScreenSnap.rev stack;
>> because Mac supplies a QUIT menu item on the menubar.
>> When the standalone was opened on my sons' Linux
>> monster (the PC is a monster, not Linux) they could
>> only quit the standalone by force-quitting it.
>> Now this would be OK if people making standalones on
>> Macs were aware of the "quit problem" on Linux, so
>> would build in QUIT buttons; but those who don't (or
>> fools like me who forgot) are going to "end up in the
>> poo".
>> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson
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