New Drag-and-Drop?

Phil Davis revdev at
Thu Mar 20 00:47:34 EDT 2008

I just discovered this - the same info is also available in the "Engine 
Change Log.txt" file, located in the same folder as the Revolution app. 
You don't have to do anything special to create that file - it's 
included in the install.

Phil Davis

Phil Davis wrote:
> Colin Holgate wrote:
>> -- snip --
>> 2.8 help has lots of info about drag and drop. Where do you find the 
>> list of changes that are in 2.9?
> The changes are described in "Change Log 2.9.0-rc-1.txt" which you can 
> save early in Rev's "Check for updates" process (when it actually 
> finds an update). Here's what it says:
> Drag-Drop
> ~~~~~~~~~
> the allowableDragActions
>  Set the allowableDragActions in the drag-drop source application to 
> indicate what actions a target application can perform with the drag 
> data.
>  Use the allowableDragActions in the target application to find out 
> what actions the source allows on the drag data.
>  It is a comma-separated list of one or more of the following:
>    - copy
>    - move
>    - link
> the dragAction
>  Set the dragAction in the drag-drop target application to indicate to 
> the source application what will be done to the drag data.
>  Use the dragAction in the source application within a dragEnd handler 
> to determine what the target application did with the drag data.
>  It can be one of:
>    - none
>    - copy
>    - move
>    - link
>  The dragAction property replaces the functionality of the acceptDrop 
> property.
> the dragImage
>  Set the dragImage to an image id inside a dragStart handler to cause 
> an image to be displayed following the mouse.
> the dragImageOffset
>  Set the dragImageOffset inside a dragStart handler to indicate the 
> offset of the cursor from the top-left of the dragImage.
> the dragDelta
>  The dragDelta property is the number of pixels the user must move the 
> mouse with a button down to cause a dragStart message to be sent to 
> the target control.
> the dragData
>  There is now a 'private' key for the dragData which allows an 
> internal drag-drop operation to be initiated in which the data is not 
> visible to external applications.

Phil Davis

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