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Phil Davis revdev at
Thu Mar 20 00:37:34 EDT 2008

Colin Holgate wrote:
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> 2.8 help has lots of info about drag and drop. Where do you find the 
> list of changes that are in 2.9?
The changes are described in "Change Log 2.9.0-rc-1.txt" which you can 
save early in Rev's "Check for updates" process (when it actually finds 
an update). Here's what it says:


the allowableDragActions
  Set the allowableDragActions in the drag-drop source application to 
indicate what actions a target application can perform with the drag data.
  Use the allowableDragActions in the target application to find out 
what actions the source allows on the drag data.
  It is a comma-separated list of one or more of the following:
    - copy
    - move
    - link
the dragAction
  Set the dragAction in the drag-drop target application to indicate to 
the source application what will be done to the drag data.
  Use the dragAction in the source application within a dragEnd handler 
to determine what the target application did with the drag data.
  It can be one of:
    - none
    - copy
    - move
    - link
  The dragAction property replaces the functionality of the acceptDrop 

the dragImage
  Set the dragImage to an image id inside a dragStart handler to cause 
an image to be displayed following the mouse.
the dragImageOffset
  Set the dragImageOffset inside a dragStart handler to indicate the 
offset of the cursor from the top-left of the dragImage.
the dragDelta
  The dragDelta property is the number of pixels the user must move the 
mouse with a button down to cause a dragStart message to be sent to the 
target control.
the dragData
  There is now a 'private' key for the dragData which allows an internal 
drag-drop operation to be initiated in which the data is not visible to 
external applications.

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