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Wed Mar 19 17:28:02 EDT 2008

Hello Jacque and JB,

Le 19 mars 08 à 22:01, J. Landman Gay a écrit :
> -= JB =- wrote:
>> I am still pretty new to Rev so I did not know what to
>> expect.  I am sure it is somewhere in the docs but I
>> don't always catch it the first time I read it.  I wasn't
>> aware of using the arrowkey for a history of last
>> messages in the msg box.  Thanks for the info!
>> So should this be reported as a bug or should we
>> consider it the standard way Rev should operate?
> Good question. It's either a bug or a feature. The arrow-key  
> behavior has been there from the very beginning (very handy) but  
> the initial blank message box was the usual behavior till now.
> I don't know if the change in 2.9 was intended or not. If you feel  
> like pursuing it, I'd enter it as a minor bug and see if the team  
> agrees.
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Probably, I'm an addict as Jacque: on my three computers (one Mac and  
two Win), Rev is very often open since days or weeks ;-)
I have just tested using the last 2.9 RC1 message box's behavior:
It is not clear: I got the last message (or last two ones separated  
by a quote) at opening.
So it could be a feature if I had got the last message sent in the  
msg (even if it does not seem to have been the case with previous  
versions) but actually I would be inclined to think it's now a bug...
Probably without importance: just annoying.

I take the opportunity to remind all that you can find a plugin on my  
website named 'Message Box Picker': it's at the bottom of my plugins  
page because it's the first one I released some years ago (but still  
works :-)
This utility reorganizes the message history and puts the messages  
into chronological order, deletes any duplicate and installs in the  
message box a drop-down menu that can be completely personalized and  
that makes it possible to bring up or to send a message with one  
mouse click.
Bilingual utility (installer and uninstaller.) Help stack is included.
Identical appearance on all platforms.

After having written so many plugins it's one I use every day to call  
back any message and execute it directly.

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
Plugins and tutorials for Revolution:
Email: eric.chatonet at

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