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Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Wed Mar 19 15:00:40 EDT 2008

Hi JB,

This is like that since 'the beginning' but it would be a nice to  
have and in addition, it would be easy to implement it :-)
Sure you can enlarge the window or select the text and go down but  
it's less comfortable...
Fill it as a request in QCA.

Le 19 mars 08 à 19:55, -= JB =- a écrit :
> I am using Rev 2.9.0-rc-1 and have a question about the message box.
> Let's say I enter in the text line the following command:
> put the ciphernames
> this will put a list of the ciphenames in the message box which is  
> what
> I expected it to do.
> But the area below the text line that the list is put into does not  
> provide
> a scroll bar to scroll through the whole list.
> Is this normal?  Am I supposed to set a preference for a scoll bar to
> be shown or is it a bug?

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