OOP in Rev...

viktoras didziulis viktoras at ekoinf.net
Wed Mar 19 14:23:03 EDT 2008

this is the web page from which I started looking into MetaCard and 
finally came to Revolution website a few years ago. One more interesting 
thing Scot mentioned there is right before the paragraph about the 
completion of OO features where he wrote about possibility to output 
java bytecodes:

"A method for outputting Java byte-codes equivalent to MetaCard scripts 
has been designed, but implementation has been delayed until the serious 
performance, compatibility, and functionality limitations in Java have 
been rectified. "

Nice idea :-).


Richard Gaskin wrote:
> ---
> I believe Mark Waddingham has hinted in the past that adding OOP 
> extensions to Rev would be an interesting thing to do.  Even going 
> back to when Scott Raney owned the engine, there were some ideas along 
> these lines floating around -- see the bottom of this page:
> <http://www.metacard.com/pi5.html>

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