How to Use Table Fields?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Mar 19 14:19:04 EDT 2008

Dave wrote:

> Thanks for this. I can't seem to get it work as documented. I have  
> columns as so:
> column1<tab> column2<tab> column3
> I set the Width of the field to 600, tabStops to 200, vgrid and hgrid  
> to true.
> This displays 3 columns as expected, however, the middle column's  
> data exceeds the width of the column, but instead of truncating as  
> documented, it overflows into the third column. From the online help:
> Any text in a column is truncated when it reaches the right edge of  
> the column. To show the entire contents of the column, drag over the  
> text to select it. If text at the end of a line does not have a tab  
> following it--that is, if it's the last column in the field--it is  
> not truncated.

I believe that's consistent with Excel.

You can either set the last tabstop to a high number like 9999 to move 
the column line out of the way, or put " " into each item of a new last 
column to get the truncation.

Not sure what's happening with your middle column; here I get the 
columns truncated when as soon as I set the hGrid and vGrid properties.

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