How to Use Table Fields?

Dave dave at
Wed Mar 19 13:27:14 EDT 2008


Thanks for this. I can't seem to get it work as documented. I have  
columns as so:

column1<tab> column2<tab> column3

I set the Width of the field to 600, tabStops to 200, vgrid and hgrid  
to true.

This displays 3 columns as expected, however, the middle column's  
data exceeds the width of the column, but instead of truncating as  
documented, it overflows into the third column. From the online help:

Any text in a column is truncated when it reaches the right edge of  
the column. To show the entire contents of the column, drag over the  
text to select it. If text at the end of a line does not have a tab  
following it--that is, if it's the last column in the field--it is  
not truncated.

Any idea how to make it function as documented?

(Eric, I tried to log on the URL you mentioned but I just get errors,  
any chance of emailing me the tutorial?)

Thanks a lot
All the Best

On 19 Mar 2008, at 16:32, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Dave wrote:
>> I have the need to display columns of data in a field so that all   
>> columns are aligned beneath each over, basically just like a   
>> spreadsheet. I started to look at the table field (an object I  
>> have  not used before). I looked in the user guide and in the  
>> online help  but can't seem to find anything. I'd be really  
>> grateful if someone  could point me to some documentation or  
>> better still some sample code.
> But the data in tab-delimited form into a field, and turn on the  
> field's hGrid and vGrid properties.
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