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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Wed Mar 19 10:38:11 EDT 2008


The availability of OOP really doesn't affect the scope of  
applications. Nor does it affect the use of C++. You won't be able to  
use C++ anyway, you need to create externals for that, which you can  
do already. Last but not least, I can't think of any code more  
readable than Talk code.


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On 19 mrt 2008, at 15:19, viktoras didziulis wrote:

> Hi,
> me too like rOOP, but I feel it is a little incomplete, just one  
> more step. The ones that you call real objects are limited to user  
> interface controls only. The thing I was curious about is a  
> possibility to create an independent data object which is nor  
> control neither a gui element. Which in this case may simply mean  
> enhanced arrays...
> What for ?.   I think this would make code cleaner and reduce amount  
> of commenting in larger projects.. Also facilitate creation or  
> adoptions of existing  libraries in C or C++ for very specific  
> purposes - like reading shapefiles, netcdfs, doing geographical  
> transformations, astronomy, bioinformatics, etc... This consequently  
> will increase the scope of applications that can be created in Rev  
> and hopefully availability of diverse libraries.
> In general it would make creation of complex software easier. We can  
> already simulate objects using arrays, but at least the code would  
> be more readable (!!!) if I were able to distinguish array  
> operations from object manipulations.
> Best wishes
> Viktoras

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