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Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Tue Mar 18 20:24:00 EDT 2008

Hi Alejandro,

A NAS device won't do it - at least not the ones I'm familiar with, but 
I haven't looked at them since I bought one a couple of years ago. Maybe 
they are smarter now. As you probably know, a NAS is basically a 
single-purpose computer that has a big HD, which only knows how to serve 
files. They are a great addition to your local network if you don't have 
a file server; and mine (and probably any) can also be configured to 
back itself up to a USB drive directly connected to it. But that's all 
mine knows how to do.

Jim Ault introduced me to StuffIt for automated backups (which I still 
don't use effectively, but...) StuffIt lets you schedule automatic, 
unattended backups of specific folders to FTP and .mac locations. Would 
that do it for you? It would run on your computer at night or whenever 
you tell it to.

If you want a separate piece of hardware to do the backup, I suppose you 
could put a cheap PC into your network DMZ and copy files to its StuffIt 
upload folder before you turn off your computer and go home at night.

Phil Davis

capellan wrote:
> Hi all,
> Recently, while working in a teamwork project, the hard reality of having to 
> download and upload (daily) many files of hundreds Megabytes to a remote
> server,
> keep me wishing for a faster connection or some clever and automatic way
> to handle these kind of "data moving" task after my daily work is finished.
> Thinking about an ideal  and automatic way to download and upload these
> files, (without compromising the Workstation PCs), this is my question for
> this group:
> Does exist a pocket size device (that i could connect directly to a DSL
> modem, 
> via USB or Ethernet) that could download or upload these big size files
> after i finish
> my work?
> i imagine something similar to an USB memory stick, that contains the files
> that
> i want to send and enough empty space to save the files that i should
> receive. 
> This device manages a list of files for upload and download. I connect this
> device
> to the DSL modem in the night and when i return in the morning, all files
> have been
> received and send.
> Are "Network Attached Storage" devices, the actual hardware that closely
> resemble what i am looking for?
> Thanks in advance for your opinions and ideas.
> alejandro
> upload and download 

Phil Davis

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