Printing with Rev 2.9.0

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Tue Mar 18 19:17:18 EDT 2008

We finally have most of the the functionality of John A. Nairn's 
wonderful Printreport from 1989.
Does anyone remember the XCMD? It was invaluable to me for the A&M 
Tape copy system project. Along with Compilit and Windowscript, I 
felt like I could build anything in xTalk.   Now I have it all in 3 

>I have an application which prints to an A4 printer and to a label
>printer. Previously, I have had to make the users go through Page
>Setup and Print dialogs every time the printer changed. Now I can do
>the following which I thought others might be interested to see.
>One off page setup for each printer:
>     set the printersettings to the cPrintSet["A4"] of this stack
>     answer page setup
>     put the result into tRes
>     if tRes is empty then
>         set the cPrintSet["A4"] of this stack to the printersettings
>     end if



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