My FiRst ReVOlutIOn StaCK

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Tue Mar 18 15:15:30 EDT 2008

On 18/3/08 02:41, Colin Holgate wrote:
> Sometimes when trying to figure out another programming tool I'll try 
> something I've done in other tools. The thing I chose to do is probably 
> not typical of Revolution stacks. I've made a QuickTime movie of it here 
> (it's iPhone friendly too):
> so you can see what it does without downloading the stack it it's not of 
> interest. The stack is here:
> It's all one card script.
> BTW, it may have taken me more than one day of learning to get this far!

Very sweet!

Inspired by something else someone showed me today* I made a few tiny changes. 
  I haven't figured out a good way to make a movie (how did you do it, 
Colin?); but if you'd like to see what happens when the RunRev staff leave 
work, execute the following into your message box:

    go stack URL ""

- Ben


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