Beware! GTX2 can cause problems

Mark Talluto userev at
Tue Mar 18 13:57:36 EDT 2008

On Mar 18, 2008, at 7:46 AM, Len Morgan wrote:

> When I watch the Windows Task Manager, it is Revolution that is  
> taking 60-100% of the CPU time so I'm not sure where else to look.   
> Perhaps there has been some sort of Windows update that doesn't show  
> up in the TaskManager.  GLX is still usable,
> just slow at times.

I use Glx2 *all* day long and could not imagine life without it.  With  
that in mind, problems are problems and solutions must be found.  If  
you are seeing strange cpu usage, have you tried running without to  
see what happens?  In most cases, high cpu usage results in something  
the app you are developing is doing.  Glx2 does do some simple  
polling, but this is so mild you should not even notice it.  And it is  
only doing it for a few secs when a mouse is moving.

Mark Talluto
CANELA Software

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