Beware! GTX2 can cause problems

Dave dave at
Mon Mar 17 12:58:11 EDT 2008


It doesn't appear to be doing that on my system, also it started  
running so slowly so as it be unusable, so I uninstalled it. Spent a  
weird hour trying to figure out where my changes had got to last night!

All the Best

On 17 Mar 2008, at 14:28, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> On Mar 17, 2008, at 5:35 AM, Dave wrote:
>> Ran into this and it caused me no end of grief, I'm using two  
>> versions of RunRev, and the 2.9 Beta. I also use GTX2  
>> and this is where the confusion came in. If you edit a script in  
>> one version of RunRev/GTX2, then open the Script in the version of  
>> RunRev/GTX2, the changes don't appear! I think that GTX2 must be  
>> caching the Script Source code somewhere that is Private to the  
>> Version of RunRev you are currently using?
> In addition to Sarah and Jerry's comments I would also add that  
> GLX2 stores the script you are working on (hasn't been compiled  
> yet) in the object itself. So the script you are working on follows  
> that object around. So opening the script of the object in another  
> version of Rev running GLX2 should still show the script in  
> progress (done this plenty of times myself).
> Opening the script in the Rev script editor will NOT show the  
> working script, however, since Rev doesn't know about GLX2 custom  
> properties.
> So if you aren't seeing changes as you move between two versions of  
> Rev that are both using GLX2 then my guess is that you have the  
> stack open in both versions at the same time and aren't reloading  
> the stack into memory. If a stack file has been loaded in memory  
> and you change the stack file on disk the changes on disk will not  
> show up in the stack in memory until it is reloaded. Is it possible  
> that this is what is happening on your end?
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