Beware! GTX2 can cause problems

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Mon Mar 17 05:46:26 EDT 2008

>  Ran into this and it caused me no end of grief, I'm using two
>  versions of RunRev, and the 2.9 Beta. I also use GTX2 and
>  this is where the confusion came in. If you edit a script in one
>  version of RunRev/GTX2, then open the Script in the version of RunRev/
>  GTX2, the changes don't appear! I think that GTX2 must be caching the
>  Script Source code somewhere that is Private to the Version of RunRev
>  you are currently using?

Assuming you mean GLX2, it does store your script as a work in
progress, so you do not have to get the script to a compilable form in
order to save it. However if you are editing a script using 2
different editors, GLX2 will monitor this. When you try to open a
script that has been edited in a different editor more recently that
in the GLX2 editor, you will get a dialog box asking you which version
you wish to keep. So long as you choose to keep the most recent
version, you will not lose any of your edits.


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