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Mon Mar 17 04:06:29 EDT 2008

PROBLEM SOLVED:  Delete the Rev Preference file

On Mar 16, 2008, at 10:56 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> There are a couple of ways, but try holding down command-control- 
> shift and clicking on the field in the message box. You should get  
> a contextual menu that allows you to inspect the field, which is  
> named "message field".
   I tried to access a contextual menu in the msg box and couldn't  
although I was able to
use the same method to access a contextual menu on the stack and its  

> I'm not exactly sure where Rev stores the message history. If it  
> isn't in those properties, you might try deleting your preferences  
> stack. That's in:
> ~/Library/Preferences/Runtime Revolution/Revolution <edition>/ 
> revpreferences.rev
> Keep a copy, so if that isn't the problem you can put the old one  
> back.
  I deleted the above referenced preference file and it solved the  
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Jacque I want you to know how grateful I am you & others on this list  
so many hours helping people.  I would have given up and left the  
without your help.  I suspect somehow the message got saved when I was
doing some testing and Rev hung up on me forcing me to quit & restart  
But I really don't know.  If it ever happens again I will try &  
reproduce how it

thanks again,

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