instant silent crash

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Sun Mar 16 19:43:46 EDT 2008

I had some crashes with imagedata once. I think it was when I did  
append data in a repeat loop (leading to exponentially increasing  
sized data). But it didn't crash every time. I actually wanted to set  
the imagedate to changed data every loop, not append data, and as the  
crash happened when I did something I didn't want to do, I never got  
around to properly test and file it.

On 17 Mar 2008, at 00:27, Colin Holgate wrote:

> On Mar 16, 2008, at 7:21 PM, Mark Schonewille wrote:
>> Like this one?
>> <>
> No, nor the one it references. Both times it's happened now it  
> seemed like I might have invoked opencard, which was putting the  
> imageData of an image into a local variable. Does opencard happen  
> before or after card level objects exist?


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