Multiple Stacks Active at Same Time

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Thanks for the information.  I will look into creating a pallette.


> Won't work, I'm afraid. The "lock screen" command is really more like 
> "lock window". It doesn't affect the display when you are changing 
> windows, it only works if you are changing the content inside a single 
> window.
> If I remember right, you want two windows to be active at once. That isn't 
> really possible on any OS -- the same behavior you are seeing happens in 
> any app that has multiple documents open. However, you can force a window 
> to the front with a script if you want, using the "toplevel" command or 
> the "go" command. So after your user clicks a button in one stack, you can 
> go to the other and it will be on top.
> If what you are trying to do is create a palette, then the solution is 
> easy; just open your "control" stack as a palette:
>   palette "myStack"
> Palettes always float on top and you won't see window titlebars flashing 
> back and forth. Palettes require some attention to which stack is the 
> defaultstack though, so be careful if your palette buttons use "this 
> stack" in their scripts. "This stack" may not always be the one you think 
> it is.
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