setting http headers to mimic IE6/Win

Phil Davis revdev at
Sun Mar 16 01:37:33 EDT 2008

I barely know enough to be dangerous with this one:

Does anyone know offhand what the http headers for IE6/Win look like? I 
want to request (and download) a url from a server that will only talk 
to IE on Windows. I want to put the page directly into a field without 
using revBrowser.

Maybe the right question to ask is, Is there a proxy server or something 
else I can use to see my outgoing http headers from IE (e.g. 
revBrowser/Win)? Then I can figure out what to do.

(If I could automate the selecting of all text in revBrowser, that would 
be an adequate alternative to what I'm asking here).

I understand I'll need to use libUrlSetCustomHttpHeaders to replace 
Rev's native headers. I just don't know what to set the headers to.

Phil Davis

PDS Labs
Professional Software Development

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